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"... In this manifesto, Dr. Istrail makes a solid case for why this technology should reboot the traditional heart and lung physical exam."

ERIC TOPOL MD, Cardiologist, Founder & Director of Scripps Research and author of Deep Medicine

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Hospitalist physician, CMO Vave Health

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"This book is the internal medicine (#IMpocus) clinician’s dream. Dr. Istrail beautifully amalgamates the history, medical advances, and techniques of point-of-care ultrasound, and our traditional physical exam with levity and intrigue. It is absolutely fantastic."

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Chair of Emergency Medicine, Director of Ultrasound in Medical Education, UC Irvine

“... This is the first book of its kind that has enabled me to reflect on how the politics of prior scientific revolutionaries created the narrative for how I think of POCUS in its current milieu. But Istrail goes a step further and takes a deep dive on the current strength of evidence for the entire body of POCUS only to surface with succinct summaries and useful tables that will convince even the most staunch skeptic. Practically speaking the book is chock full of evidence that those of us on the front lines will deploy when going to battle. I only wish I could have had this perspective 20 years ago when I found myself at the intersection of POCUS naysayers while multiple specialties were warring over who should own this art.”

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Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine, Contrast Echocardiography Pioneer,

Oregon Health & Science University

"This exemplary book by Dr. Istrail reiterates that for humans, sight serves better than sound."

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Our Physical Exam Needs an Upgrade

More than two centuries have passed since the inception of the stethoscope in 1816. During this time our medical care has advanced exponentially while our physical exam has remained largely unchanged.

Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) has changed the landscape, enabling a clinician to digitally peel back the skin and observe the ecosystem of internal organs functioning in real-time. The POCUS Manifesto paints an inspiring picture for the future of diagnostic medicine and how POCUS plays a vital role in saving our patients from unnecessary complications, near-misses, and excess testing.

Interviews with POCUS Pioneers

Take a deep dive into the origins of point-of-care ultrasound through stories and interviews with POCUS pioneers, including the godfather of lung ultrasound himself, Dr. Daniel Lichtenstein. Through his early research challenging the scientific status quo, the the field of lung ultrasound was born.

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Just as Dr. Laennec described wheezes and rhonchii heard through his stethoscope, Lichtenstein introduced us to lung sliding, A-lines, and B-lines seen on his bedside ultrasound machine. Learn why these findings are so powerful for diagnosing the cause of shortness of breath at the bedside.

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About the Author

Dr. Istrail is not your average hospitalist physician. He has been covered by impressive news outlets like NPR and the Washington Post. He is the creator of and is certified in point-of-care ultrasound by the Society of Hospital Medicine and the American College of Chest Physicians.

About the Author

Grand Rounds

Watch Dr. Istrail discuss how POCUS fits into the history of our physical exam and how it can bring our patient care into the modern era.

Press and Publications

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